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The 2nd German Selection Sale will take place June 16 @Wilder Holsteins, in Germany nearby the Dutch border. The catalogue is in process and will be ready around May 17.

A preview of what is selling June 16:

- The No. 11 GTPI heifer in Europe K&L OH Monica: Rubi-Agronaut x Josuper x Plain-Knoll Mogul Mariah VG-88!

- 160 GRZG Gymnast out of the Diepenhoek Rozelle cowfamily!

- Several sisters to the top bull Wilder Hotspot P @ RUW!

- High Red Salvatore x Rubicon out of the KHW Gw Aiko cowfamily!

- Several interesting granddaughters of the great Wilder K25 Red, for example an extremely high Red Pace heifer!

- +2740 GTPI Jedi daughter out of the Glenda cowfamily!

- Polled Jedi daughter with almost +2700 GTPI!

- Bandares heifer with +400 GNVI!

- Soloman heifer out of Archrival with high PTAT!

- Several great milking heifers

Many more, keep an eye on our website!

Wilder K 25 VG-86


Wilder Hotspot P, by far the highest polled bull in several systems. GRZG 161, making him the No. 1 B&W bull!